sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1055 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1056 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1057 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1058 sohostreetstyle_vannapragal1059Annie was at a coffee shop when I saw her. She was purchasing that red favorite beverage of hers (what ever that is). Anyhow she was in super hurry to get to work and I managed to snap a few of her before she ran off. She was actually on her off day after a long night of partying. Not bad for an off day. I have to give it up to the combination of those Cynthia Vincent shoes and the purple toe nail polish. All in all a classic personal style, simple yet so elegant.

Annie wears Cynthia Vincent shoes, top and sweat shirt from The Reformation, vintage skirt she modified, and Jo’ Mina Illamasqua purple nails and Ray ban glasses.