I saw Nichole smoking outside her work with couple of her friends. Right off the bat I noticed her APC glasses. And I am a sucker for APC. I can tell she is very unique and one of a kind. I say that mainly because she said she is very passionate about not being involved in Social Media. I say, good for her and lots of times “Ignorance is Bliss”. She loves John Stewart and Stephen Colbert, to which I say, who doesn’t? She got her first Tattoo when she was 18. She grew up in Oklahoma mainly but her family moved quite a bit. She has background in Journalism, may be she can help me on my blog. And she used to love her Great Dane when she had it.

Nichole wears APC glasses from Refinery 29, American Eagle vintage top, pants from Zara, KimChi Blue shoes from Urban Outfitters.

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